We are an Action Group

set up to protect a particular Green Barrier in mold


A committee has been formed after 2 inaugural meetings chaired by Councillor Geoff Collett to see what appetite there was in the community to fight again the injustice of a developer walking over an already established Green Barrier in Mold, in order to develop housing where it is NOT wanted.

The area in question is on the Ruthin Road just past St Mary’s Park - the field on the right going out of Mold adjacent to Plas Aney, Lon Cae Del and Linden Drive.

A committee has been formed to collate and manage the response.

There are 5 members and a Mold Councillor acting as a senior advisor and mentor:)

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Margaret Lysaght

Margaret lives in the Linden Drive area that will be affected by this development.

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Graham Wright

Graham is from the Lon Cae Del area. This area is the one of the closest to the development.

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Andrew Hughes

Andrew lives in St Mary's, so will be affected by increased traffic and congestion as well as loosing the precious Green countryside.

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Chris Smith

Chris lives in the Plas Aney area that will be affected by this development.

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Tudor Owen

Tudor, a former Mayor of Mold lives in the Linden Drive area affected by the development.

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Geoff Collett

Geoff is our advisor. He is a Mold Councillor and was instrumental in successfully keeping Mold community hospital open when it was earmarked for closure.


At present we have 7 areas identified as being of importance, and having need to be represented:

They are:

Linden Drive - Lon Cae Del - Plas Aney - St Mary’s Park - Hafod Park - Ruthin Road - Hendy Road. Are there others? In fact whether you kno it or not, we will all be affected by this for years to come. Help us today.

Give us ammunition and let us know by contacting us…

Yes the whole of Mold should be aware of this, but we need to make sure that this isn’t just a NIMBY reaction - “Not in my back yard”!! We are talking about ours and our children’s environment.

A little inspiration for the fight ahead

Power to the people...
— Wolfie Smith, from Citizen Smith BBC sitcom from way back...
Only by making ourselves heard was Mold Hospital saved. We must be vigilant and get ourselves organised
— Geoff Collett, Mold Town Councillor
To be ready for the fight, we must get our retaliation in first!!!
— Steve, web designer


So we can keep you informed and you can contact us - we need to be organised…

Do you know any facts that will help us? Any experts with opinions, statistics, issues, concerns! Then please let us know by filling in our contact form.

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